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Eko ®CHIUSINI in GHISA EKO ® After years of design and studies, the Eko range was born with the need to combine the creation of a product for crowning… Find out moreStat steel pipesOxes tables DIMENSIONALI WEIGHTs and dimensions Stress Eligible PressuresDiscover moreSteel pipesThe process of manufacture of welded steel pipe was invented in the 1920s 19th century by the English James… Find out moreQuality and innovation at your service for everything related to cast-iron pipesLearn moreAutomatic rotating brush grilldeliveryDelivery automatic rotating brush griller for coastal treatment plant TeramoLearn more

Cast iron locks, Funnels, Pipelines, Water Network Maintenance and more

Our products:

THE SIDERGHISA s.r.l. is a company specializing in the production and distribution of products and materials that are applied within:

Cast iron closure

Spheroidal cast-iron closures and grids

Funnels and drainage systems

Funnels and drainage systems

Different types of pipes


Plumbing and accessories

Elements for water maintenance

Water network maintenance

Example of a first continuous rain plant, a sewage system

Sewage systems

Retractable Turret

Retractable turrets and service providers

Concrete canal

Road solutions

Our experience

The headquarters of Siderghisa

Since 1985, Siderghisa has been dedicated to achieving an in-depth knowledge of the market and its products, with the main objective being the distribution of quality material that meets all existing regulations.

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