Manhole cover ELASTIK®


RANGE    Size (mm)

50 D         500X500

60 D         600×600

70 D         700×700

Range of manhole covers with innovative system block



The manhole square that does not make noise!


The manhole buffer with square or rectangular sooner or later ‘ dancing ‘ for the simple reason that a plane passing through three points only .

Even the manhole to circular passage fitted with polyethylene gasket and elastic bars may give rise to such problems because the seal will wear and loses its function and is rarely replaced . To make stable and silent manhole covers with square pad and / or rectangular easiest thing to do was :DETTAGLIO BARRE

  • securing the cover to the frame with three elastic bars in correspondence of three points opposites;
  • prepare suitable wedges guiding and locking of the lid to the frame .


Introducing the pen pick in the space between the frame and cover , it releases the elastic bar front .

Using the slit in the lid , with a crowbar or with the appropriate key , slightly lifting up the front of the cover to release the latches elastic elastic bar opposite the front .

We proceed to the entrainment of the cover that slides on the appropriate slides, avoiding the effort of lifting . The closure is performed in the opposite way to the opening .


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