S Drainage System

S Drainage System

CANALE serie S 1
CANALE SERIE SIntroduction to the system

S Range is a channel drainage system designed to provide efficient removal of surface water in heavy duty applications. Manufactured from high strength recycled polymer concrete, S Range is channel drainage system with excellent chemical resistance. Cast iron edges provide maximum protection for the channel body. The S system is produced to intercept with solid covers ductile iron gratings and it can ensure a wide variety of applications. All NS Range gratings come complete with bolts to ensure gratings that can be locked and accessed when required.
The NS Range system is available in four widths, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm has constant and sloping depths channels for optimum performance and system design.
The system is fully certified to EN 1433: 2002 up to and including Load Class F 900 applications – suitable for extremely high wheel loads including ports, docks and aircraft pavements.




Canale serie S 3


  •  Fixing system 8 steel bolts

  • Self-cleaning seat bolt Outstanding design

  • Built-in thread for easy tightening .

  • Tapping for proper installation and alignment of the system



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